Your style resonates
with the Timeless look!

You like your space to be classic, warm, and elegant.
You want your pieces to always be in style.
Here’s a styleboard of what a Timeless living room looks like:

Colour Palette Inspiration


For a cohesive Timeless look, look for light marbles and stones and mixed metals

Notice the mixed metals are subtle, giving the room a classic look.

Materials that work with this palette

Here’s how to design your
space according to your style

Your style is truly unique, and your space should reflect that

One mistake I see over and over with clients who design a room themselves is “piecemeal designing.” They pick out random pieces without strategically planning how it fits in with the entire room. Then, the room ends up looking disjointed.

Even worse, they get the wrong proportions and sizing, which makes the room look smaller than it actually is. Here’s an example. Room Edit client Ivan needed help with his tiny office room.

Look how cramped the room is in the Before picture:


Ivan could’ve done this himself, but when he tried in the past, he’d invest in pieces that didn’t end up working out style and size-wise. Which put him back to square one. On the other hand, hiring a full-service designer would be too much of a time commitment. He didn’t want to wait 8-10 weeks to redesign his office.

He knew which styles he likes and doesn’t like, and he needed help incorporating different styles that fit cohesively. Ivan and his wife wanted an inspiring space that fit their unique style. They wanted to make the most of the small space with two desks side-by-side.

Could two people really work in this space?
The Room Edit team was up to the challenge.

Even further, Ivan needed aesthetically-pleasing office chairs that were also comfortable to sit in for 8 hours. We transformed this tiny space into a functional (and stylish) home office that would accommodate two people. By keeping the walls light and introducing accents of cognac and/or teal, we made up for the lack of natural light. They might never want to go back to the office!

If you want to design a room that fits your style, space, and requirements, read on to find out how to make your vision come to life.

Before you transform your room,
here are my top 3 design tips

1Design your space according to your true unique style.

Your style results are only an estimate, because everyone has their own unique style.

What I’ve found is a lot of my clients actually have a combination of styles. And that’s why their space must reflect their unique style. Combining multiple styles without clashing is a delicate balance.

Room Edit helps you discover your unique style, and design your space accordingly. When you purchase a custom package, we’ll ask you about different inspirations and styles you like. And we’ll tie them together for you in a cohesive design.

We’ll find pieces that fit your style and your room size. Which brings us to tip #2…

2Make sure the proportions and sizing are right.

Sizing and proportions can make or break your design.

People often use furniture that is too small for their space, and this makes the room feel so much smaller than it is! You don’t want to end up with furniture you can’t actually use. Even worse, the wrong-sized furniture can completely disrupt the flow of the room.

This is why you need a floor plan.

Floor plans make sure your furniture is the right size and the right proportions for your room.

You don’t want to go through the process of returning a table or couch because it didn’t fit properly in your home.

Here’s an example of a client who particularly struggled with sizing and proportion. Notice in the before picture, the room looks a lot smaller than it is.


That’s why Room Edit creates a floor plan to plan the exact sizing and proportions so your room looks and feels spacious, not cramped.

3Don’t do “piecemeal designing.”

I would never recommend purchasing a single piece of furniture without:

• A complete plan in place as to what your pieces are
• The colour palette to ensure you have a cohesive look
• Your style type (you’re already one step ahead!)

Once you have a plan for your room, you can always purchase things slowly if your budget is limited. It’s much better than buying a random piece here, and a random piece there.

That’s how you could end up with a disjointed room.

Room Edit gives you a complete and customized design plan for your room, according to your style, colour palette, room size, and budget.

With Room Edit, you receive a complete
floor plan, style board, shopping list,
and 3D Rendering in 2 weeks.

Let us do the planning and sourcing for you!

Tell us which room you want to design, your measurements, your style preferences, and my team will give you a complete plan so you can build it yourself. You’ll know exactly which items to purchase and where to place them. That way you can have a beautifully inspired space that fits your unique style and needs.

Your physical environment affects how you feel, and we help you design feel-good spaces that encourage togetherness, productivity and positivity. Get started now by selecting your room and filling out our questionnaire. After you fill out the questionnaire and checkout, you’ll be able to book your consultation with one of our designers.

See how we turned these
rooms into inspiring spaces

Here’s how Room Edit works

1)Tell us your room measurements
(if you don’t know, we’ll show you!)

2)Share photos of your existing space

3)Complete checkout and book your online chat with one of our designers

4)Our designers will get to work. They’ll think through how to best use your space and put together 3 potential style boards based on your style, measurements, and budget

5)They’ll send you one round for you to review

6)You get your custom room design (your 3D rendering, shopping list, detailed floorplan with measurements, and style board, in as little as 2 weeks!

Get started now by selecting your room
and filling out our questionnaire. After you
fill out the questionnaire and checkout,
you’ll be able to book your consultation
with one of our designers.
Meet Jennifer + Trevor

“My husband and I bought our first home a little over 3 years ago.

We were excited to begin decorating, but we couldn’t make any final decisions. As a result, many of our spaces have sat empty and unused, including our den.

We knew that we wanted our den to function as an office/lounge space but we had no idea how to bring that vision to life. It also doesn’t help that our den has no natural light, is incredibly small and awkwardly shaped.

Enter Room Edit!

They managed to make a dark and cramped space look brighter, larger and all of the pieces they curated not only reflected our distinct style but worked flawlessly with the space.

They did such an incredible job of understanding how we wanted the space to function while also reflecting our personal style and working within our budget.

What I loved the most was choosing from 3 style boards and being able to envision the space with a 3D rendering. The finished product turned out even more beautiful than we had hoped for! We cannot recommend Room Edit enough!”

– Jennifer and Trevor J.

Meet Angela

“I appreciate it when I’m in well-designed spaces. But I don’t know how to make those spaces. I had the most difficulty visualizing my bedroom because it was a completely blank slate.

All I had was inspiration photos from a hotel. Room Edit made my vision come to life and they understood exactly what I was aiming for!

The whole experience felt really personal and my plan was very well thought out. I can’t wait to come back to this service in the future!

– Angela C.

Here’s what your Room Edit
custom package includes

A detailed floor plan so you know exactly where to place each piece–this is important because thoughtfully placing each piece in the room means you don’t make the room look smaller than it is (even if it’s a big space!) and you keep the optimal flow of the room.

A complete shopping list with designer discounts. Finding the right furniture and decor can seem like an endless search. Leave the curation to us–now you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of furniture online just to find the right one that fits your budget and style!

Style board that gives you inspiration and ideas of what everything will look like.

A 3D Rendering so you can see what your space will look like without having to try to imagine it yourself, and so you can put the pieces in place when they arrive.

To have my team do everything for you, it usually costs $8,000-$10,000 per room. But not everyone has that budget. And maybe you want your space designed in a shorter timeline.

That’s why Room Edit offers custom plans for your room starting at $950-$1650, depending on square footage.

These plans use the same Stacey Cohen Signature Design… in just 2 weeks!

Get started now by selecting your room and filling out our questionnaire. After you fill out the questionnaire and checkout, you’ll be able to book your consultation with one of our designers.



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