Summer Trends to Incorporate into Your Home this Season

Summer is finally here, and it's time to get your home ready for the season. With summer comes a whole new set of colours and design tips that you can incorporate into your home. We've compiled this list of the best design trends and styles to help you prepare for this upcoming season.

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3 years ago

The summer season is a time for new beginnings, fresh starts and creative expression. Summer is also the perfect time to update your home with some elevated interior design trends that will make your space more inviting and stylish. This blog post will help you identify the top interior design trends this summer, including colour palettes and textures to incorporate into any room in your home.

Embrace the light

The warmer weather gives us a chance to get creative with our design choices, as well as bringing in an abundance of natural light into our living spaces. Investing in new, lighter curtains is a great way to let the natural light in; early morning and just before sunset. Consider grays, whites and creams to be your best friends, perhaps even a textured curtain pattern. Easy access is also important: you should be able to let the light shine through at any level you desire. Breezy fabrics are best or panels with a semi-sheer finish.

Mix neutrals with pops of colour

The summer season is the perfect time to update your home with new colours and trends that will inspire you all year long. Neutrals are making their way back into people’s homes this summer season. Think about pairing shades of greys, browns and yellows together to create an inviting atmosphere that doesn’t feel too heavy on one side of the colour spectrum! We also recommend mixing neutrals with pops of colour in the form of accessories: vases, cushions, throws, as vivid colours will always be an easy way to warm up to the season. Pink has been popping up in the home decor world, bringing a fresh, feminine feeling to your space. This colour is versatile enough for any room in your house or garden! It looks great paired with white or neutral furniture pieces and pops of green.

Freshen up your corners

Yes, this summer our eyes are on the greens! It’s not just any shade of green we’re talking about though – think deep forest hues and a mossy gray. Different plants (and shades) can be combined together for an interesting look that will give you some summer panache! Monstera Deliciosa or Fiddle Leaf Fig for the living room, Eucalyptus for the bathroom and a few succulents on any window sill will instantly breathe life into your space and ooze serenity. Bonus tip: A few pastel flowers or two as a dining room centrepiece is always appreciated.

Invest in breezy fabrics

Light fabrics and accessories for the home will have you thinking of summer and sea views. The airy fabrics are just what your space needs to bring in some cool vibes while still staying true to its comfortable style. We recommend a dose of modern and soft throws, cushions and bedding being the top and most notable choices. Favour cotton, linen or designed as these are fabrics with summer in their DNA.

Chic natural materials

This type of design incorporates nature into interior décor. By incorporating plants (as we mentioned) and natural materials such as wood or stone, this style creates an atmosphere that is both calming and inviting; perfect for lounging on the couch with a good book. Including more naive decor, like macramé wall hangers, ottomans, or weave baskets is sure to bring out the Tulum vibes your home deserves.

Dress your bedroom in colour

This summer season, your bedroom deserves a change too. Transitioning to lighter fabrics (of your bedding), adding a few accessories and pops of colour will help achieve the summer aesthetic. Adding some colour is one of the easiest ways to reflect this transition. Orange is the perfect pop of colour for adding life into otherwise predominant neutrals. You can also stay more classic with warm greys or go bold with ivory whites and cream yellows to create a fresh, clean look with gorgeous light fabrics and light-coloured cushions. Consider some notes of blush pink- a delicate light shade of pink that leans towards warmer tones. It’s perfect for summer as it brightens up any space without being too harsh on the eyes!

Accentuate your space with lights

Warming up your space is always a good idea with lights and lamps to create a soft, calming atmosphere you can enjoy during the summer months. To create a relaxing environment that feels like home, try adding lights strategically throughout and play with different hues to find one that works with your ideal atmosphere.

Mix patterns

Pattern mixing is a great way to also show your enthusiasm for Summertime. The easiest way to find patterns is on textiles, rugs, cushions and throws for a quick and easy change. Mixing different patterns and textures together will give your home an eclectic feel while adding interest and life to it. These will help accentuate the pops of colour throughout your living space and will lead to a comfortable atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests during the warm days ahead. 

In a nutshell, Summer trends don’t have to be extravagant – they just need to suit you. And with these ideas and some of our Room Inspirations, you will find yourself breathing summer vibes into your home in no time.

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