The Top Interior Design Questions You’ve Ever Had Answered

If you’re new to interior design, or just want some advice on how best to decorate any room in your home, we have the answers. Here are our top interior design questions and answers.

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3 years ago

Modern and bright kitchen design

The interior design industry has exploded in recent years, with more and more people realizing the importance of having a well-designed home — thanks to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. If you don’t have the “eye for design” it can be a tricky area to master and can be quite costly. We’re here to answer the most common questions about interior design and help you understand how to create a home that inspires you.

How do I make my small apartment feel larger?

It’s all about strategic colour choices, materials and placements to give your small space a bigger appearance. Use light colors and clean lines and keep your furniture to a minimum, so the space feels more open. Try hanging large mirrors on one or two walls (try not to have them in front of windows) to open up the room. This tricks your brain into thinking there’s more than enough room for everything you need!

One common misconception we hear a lot is that large furniture makes the room feel smaller. But we believe the exact opposite – a bigger sofa, for example, that fits the entire length of your wall is more impactful than smaller pieces that clutter up the space. Speaking about clutter, it’s your small apartment’s enemy — stay away from overdoing decor and objects because it can make your space feel claustrophobic.


Where should I invest my budget?

A good rule of thumb is to spend your money first on function and then on style. This means don’t buy a sleek new sofa if you can’t afford a coffee table that compliments it or a king-sized bed if you don’t have the space for it. Instead, invest in items that will make it easier for you to live comfortably in your space (think furniture pieces that are practical as well as beautiful). Once those necessities have been taken care of, go ahead and purchase your accent pieces like artwork or rugs that can be interchanged as your style and trends evolve.


How do I choose the right palette for my room?

This should be the last step in your planning, as soon as your furnishings and style have been selected. When picking colours, consider how you want the room to feel. Looking for a cozy and serene or dark and edgy? This will help to determine the colour combinations. Our favourite is neutral palettes because they are contemporary and timeless all at the same time.

Painting is also a big job so make sure the colour you select isn’t too trendy. It’s best to pick something you’ll be happy with for a while. Dying for a quick refresh? Play with some chic wallpaper to elevate an accent wall and make a stylish impact that’s easily removable.


Should I buy a furniture set?

Matching furniture sets are a big NO from us. They make the room feel cookie cutter, stale and dull. We recommend curating your room with different, unique furniture that complement one another. Instead, you can pair up small furnishings like lamps and nightstands to create symmetry and harmony.


How do I create a cohesive look that isn't a mishmash?

A lot of interior design is about balancing and creating a sense of flow. When it’s done well, you shouldn’t have any focal points in the room-instead, there should be just one overarching palette that blends seamlessly from corner to corner. Defining your colours, materials, fabrics, and tones will help to establish fluidity rather than approaching each element separately.


What are some inexpensive ways I can make my space feel more luxurious?

It’s the details that separate the expensive vs. inexpensive. A few easy ways to elevate your space are:

  • Using decorate, detailed molding
  • Custom window treatments
  • Recessed drapery tracks
  • Upgrading your hardware
  • Designer coffee table books and objects


I'd love to hire a designer but I don't have a big budget – what should I do?

We believe that interior design doesn’t have to be reserved for the 1% of people. You don’t need to spend a lot to get a beautiful, stylish space. You will want to first assess what pieces in your room are worth keeping, and use those as pillars to craft your room around. Then, you’ll need to start creating a plan to make the full design process easy and straightforward.

Our team of expert designers can translate your vision into a detailed, thorough design plan that will make your new room a reality. With our Instant and Custom packages, you will receive everything you need to transform your room – from a floorplan to clickable shopping list, we got you covered. Get started or learn more about our Custom Package and Instant Packages.



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The Top Interior Design Questions You've Ever Had Answered

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If you’re new to interior design, or just want some advice on how best to decorate any room in your home, we have the answers. Here are our top interior design questions and answers.

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